From a small town in Thailand to the Big Apple, to all over the globe,
I have the joy to say my sketch books have been there. I am Noinaa,
a designer with over ten years of experience in the creative industry.
I majored in Packaging Design and have worked in multiple agencies
in the fun and fast-paced New York City for almost two decades.

Designing is my meditation and my passion. It started as a way for me
to create one-of-a-kind memories for my family and friends then just grew
from there. I love to make special designs and add personal touches
for people who are celebrating the moments of their lives.

Having a versatile and wide range of abilities keeps me interested in this creative adventure, motivating me to consistently learn and improve.
I am continuing my creative outlet here in the Bay Area with package designing, jewelry making, sewing and delicious cooking.

© 2013 noinaadesign